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Met-Rx Amped RTD

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Met-Rx Amped RTD
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Basic Details
Description Super Charged Formula! Supports Extreme Energy And Nutrient Circulation To The Cell!* 
Category Increase Energy 
Serving Size
1 Bottle (19.26 Bottle lower than average)
20.26 Bottle

Container Size 12 - 20 Fl. Oz. Bottles 
Servings per Container
12  (36.45 lower than average)

Flavor Blue Inferno 
Available Flavors and Sizes 12 - 20 Fl. Oz. Bottles - blue Inferno | 12 - 20 Fl. Oz. Bottles - earthquake Grape | 12 - 20 Fl. Oz. Bottles - mega Knockout Punch 
Directions Directions For Amped Rtd: For Adults, Drink (1) 20 Fl. Ounce Serving Per Workout Session As Follows: 1/2 Before And The Balance During The Course Of Your Workout. Do Not Exceed 1 Serving Per Workout Session And/or More Often Than Every Four Hours. Limit Use To Not More Than Three (3) Bottles In A 24-hour Period. 
Main Ingredients L-arginine 
Other Ingredients Water, Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Contains Less Than 1%: Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Modified Food Starch, Brominated Vegetable Oil, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Gum Arabic, Blue #1 
Warnings Warnings: Not Intended For Use By Pregnant Or Nursing Women. Avoid This Product If You Are Allergic To Aspirin, Have Liver Or Kidney Disease, Or High Blood Pressure. If You Are Taking Any Medications, Consult Your Doctor Before Use. Discontinue Use And Consult Your Doctor If Any Adverse Reactions Occur. This Product Contains Caffeine. Avoid Additional Consumption Of Caffeine, Which May Intensify Adverse Effects. Not Intended For Use By Persons Under The Age Of 18. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. 
Supplement facts
Potassium (K)
150 mg (33.14 mg higher than average)
116.86 mg

Sodium (Na)
140 mg (56.05 mg higher than average)
83.95 mg

80  (29.3 higher than average)

Niacin (As Niacinamide)
20 mg (15.45 mg lower than average)
35.45 mg

Glycerin 10 g 
Total Carbohydrate
13 g (1.98 g higher than average)
11.02 g

Folic Acid
400 mcg (11.41 mcg lower than average)
411.41 mcg

Neuro-Energy Blend 2,300mg(2.3 G) 
Nitro Blend 1,250mg(1.25 G) 
NOS Blend 3,000mg(3 G) 

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